How to Fix a Black Spot Inside of an iPod Touch Screen

By Melissa King

Updated September 28, 2017

Items you will need

  • iTunes

  • USB cable

  • Pry tool

  • Cloth

Foreign material beneath the glass causes screen anomalies.
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Your iPod Touch gives you access to a library of entertainment, including music, videos and games. At times, black spots may appear on or inside the iPod Touch screen. If black spots appear mostly when you watch a movie or play a game, updating the device's software usually removes them. Dust and dirt can also slip between the glass and the screen. If this happens, you or an Apple technician needs to remove and clean the glass.

Update the iPod Touch

Connect the iPod Touch to the computer via USB cable. When iTunes opens, click the iPod Touch icon.

Click "Summary" and "Check for Update." iTunes installs the latest update. After the update, restart the iPod Touch. In most cases, the update makes black spots disappear.

Reset the iPod Touch if black spots remain. Hold down the "Sleep/Wake" button for several seconds. A red slider appears on the screen.

Drag the red slider across the screen to unlock the phone. Hold "Sleep/Wake" until you see the Apple logo. Resetting the device this way removes most screen anomalies.

Clean the Screen

Place a towel on a flat, stable surface. Lay the iPod Touch on the towel with the screen facing up.

Slide a flat pry tool between the rubber seal on the glass and the chrome bezel. Carefully lift the glass screen.

Use the pry tool to flip up the clips attaching the glass to the base.

Locate the digitizer ribbon attaching the glass to the base. Unclip the ribbon and lift away the glass.

Wipe the back of the glass with a clean cloth to remove dust and other debris. Gently wipe the black screen with the cloth.

Reattach the glass. Reconnect the ribbon and flip down the tabs to lock the glass in place.


If your iPod Touch is covered by a warranty, Apple may repair the device for free.


Opening your iPod Touch to clean it will void your warranty. You also risk damaging the device.

Do not use chemicals to clean the iPod Touch.