Why Does My Yahoo Keep Freezing?

By Nicole Martinez

Updated September 28, 2017

Freezing is a frustrating experience that can cause you to lose data and waste time. It is occasionally caused by faulty installations that you can remedy by reinstalling your Yahoo programs. Upgrading your computer's memory is also an option and you should make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements of programs before installing them. Otherwise, lagging and freezing may happen repeatedly.


Freezing generally occurs when your computer is running a process or program that demands more resources, such as processor power or random access memory -- RAM -- than your computer has. When this happens, your computer becomes unresponsive and you will need to restart it with the power button, rather than the user interface. If your computer temporarily stalls or becomes sluggish, this is known as lagging.

Freezing with Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo offers several products, including the messenger client that you download to your computer to allow you to chat with and share files with them. Yahoo Messenger also allows you to participate in voice or video chats with your contacts. If you experience freezing while using Yahoo Messenger, the program is likely using more memory than your computer has available. Yahoo advises a minimum of 64 megabytes of RAM when installing to a Windows computer. Video chat especially uses greater amounts of memory than regular text chat so you may experience freezing that interrupts your video calls.

Freezing with Yahoo Mail

Yahoo's mail is another popular product that you check via your browser. If it acts up, your browser will freeze. This can cause you to lose data in all opened browser tabs and windows. Freezing may be due to Yahoo Mail itself or the combined factors of having many tabs open, especially if several of them use a lot of resources because they use multimedia content such as audio, video or Flash. Yahoo does not state a minimum of memory needed to use Yahoo mail but you should ensure that your computer is compatible with the minimum amount of RAM needed to run your browser, with a little extra for memory intensive websites.

Preventing Freezing

If you experience frequent freezing when using a Yahoo product, you may try to reinstall it. Furthermore, you can consider upgrading memory from your computer to better handle programs that are memory hogs. If that is not an option, you may want to close all other programs, especially games and multimedia editors, to allow Yahoo programs to use more memory when you use them. If freezing is a concern with Yahoo's browser-based applications, make sure to close unnecessary tabs or windows. Periodically closing your browser also refreshes the cache and can minimize lag or freezing.