Streaming Problems on a Samsung Blu-ray

By J.M. Chanel

Updated September 28, 2017

Samsung Blu-ray players have problems with streaming video on slow Internet connections.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

All Samsung Blu-ray players currently on the market have apps available for streaming videos from services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Vudu. However, you may encounter problems with streaming video on your Samsung Blu-ray player, such as low-quality video streams or frequent pausing. These problems can be caused by your Internet connection or out-of-date software on your Blu-ray player.

Wi-Fi Signal

If you are experiencing streaming problems such as low-quality video or frequent buffer interruptions while streaming video on a Samsung Blu-ray player, it could be due to low Wi-Fi signal. Try moving your Blu-ray player and wireless router closer together, especially if they are currently located in different rooms. However, this problem will not affect the Samsung BD-D5100 Blu-ray player, because it is not enabled for Wi-Fi Internet connections and requires an Ethernet cable for Internet connectivity.

Available Bandwidth

Other devices connected to your Internet network could cause a Samsung Blu-ray player to experience streaming video playback problems. If another device, such as a computer or tablet PC, are currently downloading files or connected to the Internet, they may be using the bandwidth that the Samsung Blu-ray player needs for loading the video stream. Pause any downloads and ask users on your network to disconnect from the Internet and try to watch the clip again.

Internet Speed

Streaming video requires a high-speed Internet connection, especially for content in high-definition quality. If you are experiencing frequent buffering interruptions when watching a video stream on a Samsung Blu-ray player, it may be due to the speed of your Internet connection. Call your Internet service provider and switch to a plan that offers a faster connection that can support streaming video for your Samsung Blu-ray player.

Firmware Upgrade

If the problem with streaming video on your Samsung Blu-ray player does not appear to be related to your Internet connection, you may need to install a firmware update. The firmware on a Samsung Blu-ray player includes all of the software required for the device to play and read video files, including streaming video. To update the firmware, you will need to download an update installer from Samsung's "Download Center" website and copy the file to a USB flash drive, which will be plugged into the USB port on the player for installation. Detailed instructions for firmware upgrades are available at Samsung's website.