What Is TV Wizard?

By Alan Donahue

Updated September 28, 2017

Computers with Intel-based software and drivers have included software to make the most out of the power and video. The Intel TV Wizard is a program that makes a computer to television conversion an easy process with multiple settings to chose from and an easy interface.


The Intel TV Wizard features a click-through process to automatically connect your computer through the television. Answer a series of questions and on-screen diagrams to complete the setup process. If there is an issue with the setup, the software has help tools and more tutorials to guide you through the process.


The Intel TV Wizard software is only compatible with the computers on which it comes preinstalled. You cannot download the software on another computer. The set up will give you error messages and compatibility issues. It is automatically programmed to recognize outputs and inputs on the computer for display purposes. If you have an approved computer, you can upgrade your chipset from Intel using your computer model number and the proper version of Windows you have installed.

TV Connections

The TV Wizard works with three types of television connections. HD televisions can use an HDMI cable connection from the computer to screen. The other two connections are an RCA cable connection and an s-video cable connection with a separate audio output. Match the connections from your computer to the television to select the best version to use.


If the TV Wizard did not install correctly, users often get an error message. The error often occurs when the installed video codecs do not mesh with the software settings. To get rid of the error message, reinstall any video drivers on the computer and download a new graphical chipset. You can also use the "Add/Remove" menu to completely remove the software from the program if the error at start-up is an annoyance.