How to Get Rid of the Ghosts in Cerulean City

By Chuck Robert

Updated September 22, 2017

Many game enthusiasts hack ROMs of older games to create their own versions.
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Pokemon Shiny Gold is a fan-made remake of Pokemon Gold, originally released for Game Boy in 1999. The Game Boy ROM was hacked and files from Pokemon Firered was incorporated into the game. The original Pokemon Gold game had over 100 new species. The main character went on a quest to master Pokemon battling, where characters use species that they controlled to engage in battles that strengthen the Pokemon and help advance the plot. One of the areas in Pokemon Shiny Gold — Cerulean City — had ghosts that blocked the player’s way, preventing the player from advancing further through the story. The ghosts can only be overcome by using the Ghostbuster, which must be fixed before the player can implement it to get rid of the ghosts.

Find the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City. Find the team rocket member and fight him. Walk to the poster and press “A,” which opens up stairs on the right. Travel to the fourth basement floor and fight Giovanni. After you beat him, he will drop the Ghostbuster.

Find Johto in Saffron City. He knows how to fix the Ghostbuster. Travel to Sliph & Co and go upstairs. Fight the guard at the top level and go inside the room he is guarding. Fight Jess and Jamie and talk to the manager, who will tell you that Morty in Johto knows how to fix the Ghostbuster. He is the Ecruteak Gym Leader .

Travel from Vermillion Olivine by boat. Travel to Ecruteak. Morty is not at the gym, but is instead at a burned tower where you released dogs earlier in the game. You must defeat Morty in battle before he will fix the Ghostbuster.

Travel to Cerulean. Fight Carlos and defeat him.

Use the Ghostbuster. This will let you get past the ghost blocking the path. Otherwise, you cannot see the ghost or do anything to stop it. The ghost is an Lv42 Haunter. You can attempt to catch the haunter.


There are Pokemon hidden throughout the game that have alternate colors. They are harder to find. Breed new Pokemon by taking a male and female Pokemon to the Daycare Center south of Goldenrod City and give them to the keeper . There are six trainers that will provide phone numbers that you should keep in your Pokegear to receive random tips that will help you find rare Pokemon.


The first version of Pokemon Shiny Gold had a glitch that that prevented players from getting past the ghosts on the east and west sides of Cerulean City. A new version was released in 2009 that fixed the glitch.