When a Samsung TV's Lamp Timer and Standby/Temp Is Blinking, What Does That Mean?

By Anthony Oster

Updated September 28, 2017

The indicator lights on your Samsung TV report the current status of your TV. These indicator lights can indicate that your TV is operating normally, or can specifically indicate that your TV is overheating, needs a lamp bulb replacement or if some other internal error is causing the set to malfunction.

Lamp Light

A blinking lamp light is an indication that the lamp bulb is warming up. The bulb can take up to 15 seconds to warm up and display a picture while the lamp light is blinking. Check your TV to see if other indicator lights are flashing if a picture does not display after 15 seconds.

Auto-Timer Light

The auto-timer light turns on prior to the auto-timer setting turning on. The auto-timer can be set to turn your TV off after a set time. You may interrupt the auto-timer with your remote while the auto-timer light is on. If you interrupt the auto-timer, your TV remains on.

Blinking Timer and Standby/Temp Lights

When your Timer and Standby/Temp lights are blinking, your TV is overheating. Dust and bulb failure are two leading causes for overheating in TVs. Unplug your TV and allow it to cool for an hour. Clean the dust away from the ventilation slots with a can of compressed air and a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment. Make sure that the ventilation slots are not blocked by furniture, the wall or any other devices such as Blu-ray disc players.

Blinking Standby/Temp, Lamp and Timer Lights

If all three indicator lights are blinking, your lamp bulb requires replacing. In some cases, the lamp bulb may still be functional, but your Samsung TV reports an error after a set amount of viewing hours to prevent damage to the set. To reset the lamp hours, turn your TV off and press "Mute," "1," "8," "2" and "Power" on your remote, then select the "Lamp hours" option in the "Options" menu and elect to reset the lamp hours.