How to Get Free Key Vaults

By Stuart Robertson

Updated September 22, 2017

Xbox is great to play with friends, either in person or online.
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One of the great features of many gaming platforms is that they now come with online networks where gamers can play against each other. But any online community requires moderation. If you manage to get your Xbox banned from Xbox Live and you want to get back online to start playing again, you will need to replace the key vault, or serial number, on your Xbox. But first, you need to acquire an unbanned key vault.

Acquiring an Xbox

Look in the free sections of newspapers and buy-and-sell websites that operate in your area for broken Xbox 360s. You may find Xbox 360s that have something wrong with them, but are still functional enough to extract a key vault from.

Create ads in local newspapers or on buy-and-sell websites in your area advertising that you are looking for broken Xbox 360s that you can have for free. People with broken systems may be happy to have someone cart them away for them.

Advertise that you are willing to pay a small amount for a broken Xbox 360. This is not free, but you may be able to pick up broken Xbox 360s for a very small amount, such as $10 or $20. If you are paying, however, you should be sure to check first that the Xbox 360 is still functional enough to extract the key vault from.

Extracting the Key Vault

Connect the Xbox to a TV, and turn it on by holding down the Eject button. This will start a program called Xell. It will appear as a blue screen with text on the TV.

Wait for the program to fully run. When it is done you will see two lines, one starting with "your cpu key:" and one directly below it starting with "your dvd key:".

Copy the characters of both keys. These two keys are what you will need to change the key vault of another Xbox.