How Do I Get USB Loader GX on the Wii?

By Alan Donahue

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Wii Homebrew Channel

  • SD card reader

The USB Loader GX is a Wii Homebrew application that allows you to load Homebrew games and play them on your Wii with files from a USB hard drive. The application runs in the Wii Homebrew channel and must be downloaded to your Wii to use and operate. The installation process is a simple file transfer from your home computer to your Wii console and will alow you to use the USB Loader GX anytime you use the Wii.

Download the USB Loader GX software from the official website. Click on the "Downloads" link and select the "Latest All in One Package" for the complete program.

Save the files to your desktop or in a location you can easily access on your computer.

Remove the SD card from your Wii. Insert it into an SD card slot on your computer. If your computer does not have an SD card slot, use a USB SD card reader to insert the card.

Open the root of the SD card from "My Computer." Select the "Apps" folder. Drag and drop all of the downloaded files into this folder.

Remove the SD card and insert it back into the Wii. Power on the Wii console.

Select the "Wii Homebrew Channel." Scroll through the applications and select the "USB Loader GX" from the list. Press "A" to load it.


If your computer does not have an SD card reader, you can access the USB Loader GX from the "Homebrew Browser." Select the "Utilities" menu and scroll down until you see the software. Download it and it will automatically add to the SD card.


The USB Loader GX is also used to load pirated copies of Wii games, but this practice is illegal and not the intention of the software.