How to View Deleted SMS Text Messages With iBlacklist on iFile

by Melissa Martinez ; Updated September 28, 2017

An app for iPhone, iFile allows users to organize files and programs on their phone. It has settings that allow it to keep an archive of deleted files in case you need to view things like deleted text messages. One program that works with iFile is iBlacklist, which is another app. This program allows users to block incoming phone calls and text messages from preprogrammed phone numbers. If these blocked messages are deleted, iFile will keep an archive until you permanently delete them.

Click on the iFile icon on your iPhone's SpringBoard.

Click on the tool icon at the bottom; this takes you to the screen to change the program's settings.

Click on "Use Trash" and click "On." This allows iFile to store all deleted files in the "Trash" file until you permanently delete them.

Click on iBlacklist from your SpringBoard.

Click on "View History" to bring up blocked text messages.

Delete unwanted text messages. You will be prompted with a "Move File to Trash" question. Click on this so iFile will keep a copy archived.

Click on iFile again. Click on "Private," then "Mobile" and then "Library." Up will come a file called iFile Trash.

Click on the "Trash" folder to see all files, including deleted text messages from iBlacklist. You can keep them in this archive or delete them permanently.

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