How to Make a PERT Chart in Excel

By Matthew Burley

Updated September 28, 2017

A program evaluation review technique chart created in Microsoft Excel uses the flow-chart shapes and connectors found on the "Insert" menu. Each section of the PERT chart can be customized to be a particular color, and you can manually insert connectors to show the direction in which the chart is flowing. Since shapes added to an Excel worksheet are not bound to the cells on the spreadsheet, you can freely move around the shapes until you have created your desired chart.

Launch Microsoft Excel.

Click "Insert" at the top of the window.

Click the "Shapes" drop-down menu in the Illustrations section of the ribbon. Select your desired shape from the Flowchart section.

Click your mouse at the location in the spreadsheet where you wish to insert the object, and then drag the mouse until the outline of the shape is the desired size.

Click the "Text Box" option in the Insert Shapes section of the ribbon. Click inside the shape you just created and use your mouse to draw a text box inside the shape. Note that you can also click a color for the shape from the Shape Styles section of the ribbon.

Type the necessary text for the object.

Insert additional shapes from the Shapes drop-down menu on the Insert tab, and then add text boxes to each shape as needed.

Click your desired connector arrow from the Insert Shapes section of the ribbon.

Click the shape that will serve as the anchor for the arrow, and then drag the arrow to the target shape for the arrow.

Add additional arrows to your chart as needed.

Add outlying text to your chart by clicking the "Insert" tab at the top of the window and then clicking the "Text Box" button in the Text section of the ribbon.

Click in the desired location on your spreadsheet for the text box, and then drag the mouse until your desired text box shape is displayed.

Type your text into the text box.

Add additional text boxes to your chart until the chart is complete.


Consider saving your PERT chart as a PDF if you don't use any of the cells in your Excel worksheet. Saving your file as a PDF will eliminate the cell grid lines from the background of the chart and present a cleaner document. You can select the PDF option from the "Save As" menu on the File tab.