How to Get Rid of a Black Spot on a Computer Screen

by Jasmine Carpenter ; Updated September 28, 2017

Occasionally, the pixels on your computer screen will get stuck and you may see a red, blue, green, white or black spot. If you have a LCD computer screen, try to remove the broken pixel by lightly rubbing on it. Otherwise, use a software application to help you to remove it. Software such as Jscreen Fix, Pixel Fixer and Dead Pixel Buddy are designed to locate and fix broken pixels on a your computer screen.

Clean your LCD computer screen with a soft lint-free cloth. Use a stylus pen with a rounded end on it. Place a small cloth directly over the stuck pixel. Gently rub the pixel with the stylus pen until it disappears from the screen. Avoid applying too much pressure because you may puncture your LCD computer screen. If you're unable to remove the broken pixel, proceed to the next step.

Download and install a pixel fixer software application on your computer from the Internet. Launch the application and let it run on your computer. If you prefer to use an online web-based service like “JScreen Fix,” go to the website ( and click on the “Launch” button.

Make certain your computer is running the latest version of Java. You can download the application from The service will turn all of the pixels on your computer screen on and off, and rapidly cycle the color of the screen approximately 60 times per second.

Click on the “Locate” button after the “JScreen Fix” dialog box appears. The display screen on your computer will turn black. You will need to move the window around to find the stuck pixel on the screen.

Click on the “Fix” button and let the Web-based service run a diagnostic test to find and revive broken pixels on your LCD computer screen.

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