How to Open a .CMP File

By Diana Braun

Updated September 15, 2017

SharePoint can be used to create a backup of your site in the form of a Content Migration Package. The resulting backup file has a “.cmp” file extension. If you want to restore your SharePoint site, you’ll need to open and import the CMP file into your SharePoint website. This file contains your security settings, library content, navigation settings, user information and customizations.

Launch Microsoft SharePoint.

Click “File” from the top menu in the SharePoint application window and select “Open Site.” The Open Site window displays.

Click “Browse” and choose the website into which you want to import the CMP package. Click “Open.”

Click “File,” click “Import” and then click “Personal Web Package.”

Click the CMP file of your choice from the Browse window. Click “Open.”

Type “http://My Web site” in the Destination box.

Click “Import.”

Click “Run” in the Security Warning dialog box. Your SharePoint site is restored using the CMP package file.