How to Use "Sins of a Solar Empire" in DEV Mode

By Ruri Ranbe

Updated September 22, 2017

"Sins of a Solar Empire" is a single-player and multiplayer real-time space strategy game. "Sins of a Solar Empire" includes a developer (DEV) file for each of the expansions. You can access the modding tool in the developer file to change how the game behaves or operates; the user interface, network settings and game play can all be altered from within DEV mode. To use "Sins of a Solar Empire" in DEV mode, launch the developer file, then open the modding tool using the appropriate keyboard combination.

Click "Start." Click "Computer." Navigate to "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)." Double-click "Stardock," then open "Sins of a Solar Empire."

Double-click "Sins of a Solar Empire Dev.exe" or other developer file to use Sins of Solar Empire in DEV mode. Press "Ctrl," "Shift" and "." simultaneously to open the modding tool.

Press the associated letter to access the desired menu. The root menus include "Change Galaxy," "Overlays," "Entity Info," "Player Info," "Rendering," "Windows," "Camera," "User Input," "Sound," "Dump," "Settings" and "Network."

Select an option from the sub-menu, or press "<" to return to the root menu. Press the associated key to change the default setting. For example, to disable damage, press "A" to go "Change Galaxy," then press "B" on the sub-menu to go to Overrides. Press "B" again to change the value for "Damage Disabled" to "True."

Press "<" to close the developer window when you are finished making your changes.


Running "Sins of a Solar Empire" in DEV mode will reset your current settings.