How to Kill the Giant Crab in "Hungry Shark"

By Rose Turner

Updated September 22, 2017

You can even eat people in
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“Hungry Shark” is a app game created by Future Games of London for smart phones like the iPhone and Android-based phones, as well as other app-based devices. Using tilt-controls, gamers play a shark they navigate through the ocean while attempting to eat everything in sight. Near the end of the game, you will face a giant crab that attempts to pinch you between its claws. You must exploit the crab’s weak points to defeat it and continue in the game.

Swim away from the crab to avoid its attacks. It will chase you along the ocean floor.

Wait for the message “Attack Weak Point” to appear on the screen. A green dot will appear on the crab.

Ram your nose into the crab’s weak point to damage it. Continue avoiding and damaging the crab to kill it.