How to Keep VPN Alive on an iPhone

by Matt McGewUpdated September 28, 2017

The iPhone supports the ability to connect to the Internet through a virtual private network. To keep a VPN connection alive, you will need to set up and activate the VPN connection on your iPhone. Once the setup is complete, you can automatically connect to the VPN in the future through the iPhone's main Settings menu.

Tap the "Settings" icon.

Select the "General" option.

Tap the "Network" button.

Select the "VPN" option.

Tap the "On" button to the right of the VPN option to activate the VPN feature on your iPhone.

Enter a description of your VPN in the "Description" field.

Type the IP address for the VPN in the "Server" field.

Input your username that you use to access the VPN in the "Account" field.

Type your password that you use to access the VPN in the "Password" field.

Tap the "Save" button.

Press the “Home” button on your iPhone.

Tap the "Settings" button.

Tap the "On" button again to connect your iPhone to the VPN. Your iPhone will keep this connection alive until you tap the "Off" button.


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