How to Build a Mixmaster Display

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Introduced on October 2004 by Atari, "RollerCoaster Tycoon 3" allows you to build a wide variety of roller coasters and other theme park attractions. You can also build your own fireworks displays to attract and entertain park patrons by using the included Fireworks MixMaster designer tool. The MixMaster interface allows players to select, edit and place fireworks throughout the park. Fireworks displays can be built in both Career and Sandbox modes.

Click the “Scenery” button located at the bottom of the screen. Scroll toward the bottom of the list, and select the “Fireworks MixMaster” button to open the MixMaster interface.

Select one of the “launch point” buttons, and then use your cursor to place a launch point anywhere within the park.

Click the “Fireworks Shows” button. In the “Details” panel, select “Add Fireworks Display” to open the “Fireworks MixMaster” timeline.

Select a track to display a list of fireworks. Click on the firework to add it onto the timeline. Move the cursor over a launch point, and click it to assign the firework to that particular point.

Click each firework on the timeline to confirm that it is assigned to a launching point. The assigned launch point will glow white when the firework is selected within the timeline.

Click the “Fireworks Displays” button to open the list of fireworks, and edit the time and date of the shows. Click the “Save” button to retain the fireworks display settings.


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