How to Increase Discipline for a Tamagotchi

By Erin McManaway

Updated September 22, 2017

A Tamagotchi is a handheld device that allows you to interact with and care for a virtual pet. Discipline includes both positive and negative reinforcement and is achieved through “Praise” or “Punish” interactions. By giving your pet praise, you can cheer it up. When your pet misbehaves, you can punish it. Over time, your Tamagotchi’s discipline rating will increase as you train your pet.

View your Tamagotchi when you hear the game beep. This means your pet is looking for attention.

Determine whether your pet is sad or misbehaving. A sad Tamagotchi will appear to be crying or will have its back turned to you. A misbehaving Tamagotchi will walk around like normal and will not really need your attention.

Press the “A” button and select the “Discipline” icon.

Press the “B” button and choose to “Praise” your pet if it is sad, or select “Punish” if it is asking for attention when it doesn’t really need it.

Repeat this process to increase your pet’s discipline level.


You can check your pet’s discipline level by pressing “A” and selecting the meter icon. Here you will see all of your pet’s information, including how well your pet is trained.