How to See Deleted Text Message History

By Nicholas Smith

Updated September 28, 2017

Recover a text message if you deleted it.
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When you read and delete a text message from your phone, you may want to view the message again. If you have a Windows Mobile device, you can transfer the message from the "Deleted Items" folder within the text message application. If you use a different operating system, such as Android or iPhone, you must install a third-party text message recovery application to recover deleted messages.

Recover the deleted text message on a Windows Mobile phone, such as the T-Mobile Dash. Click "Start," select "Messaging," and click "Text/Multimedia." Click "Menu." Select "Folders," then select "Deleted Items." Click on a message and select "Menu." Select "Move." Select "Inbox." The message will be moved from the "Deleted Items" folder to the "Inbox."

Download "SMS Backup & Restore" for an Android device. The application enables you to back-up any conversation that you select as an XML file, which you can view on a computer. Although the application supports text messages, it does not support multimedia (MMS) messages.

Restore text messages from your iPhone using iPhone Backup Extractor. Install the application in Windows, Mac and Linux computers. It works with the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4. Once you connect the iPhone, view the amount of data available and extract the deleted files.