Brightness Problems in Netflix Wii Streaming

By Amanda Gronot

Updated September 22, 2017

You can watch Netflix videos from your computer or TV.
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If you're a TV or movie buff and you have a Nintendo Wii video gaming console, you can stream a vast collection of videos instantly from Netflix. With this program, you don't have to drive to the move store or wait for a DVD to ship; instead, you can click a button and view what you want immediately. However, a significant drawback to this method of movie-watching is the quality of the videos.

How Netflix Works

Netflix provides two distinct services, as of 2011. You can opt to have physical DVDs shipped to you or you can watch videos instantly over the Internet. Of course, you can always subscribe to both services. To watch videos instantly, you must use a computer with a Wi-Fi connection, a TV with a Wi-Fi connection or an Internet-ready TV accessory, such as a Wii or a PlayStation 3. To use Netflix on the Wii, you must be a subscriber to Netflix Instant.

Picture Quality

The Wii does not provide high-definition video quality -- even for its games. As a result, the quality of the streaming videos from Netflix can suffer. Usually, most viewers don't notice a significant problem. However, if you have an HD TV and are used to seeing crisp videos, you may notice problems with picture quality, including the brightness. Despite the Wii's limitations, though, you may be able to improve the brightness and quality of the videos.

Internet Connection

One of the most common problems with Netflix streaming videos on the Wii is the user's Internet connection, according to Nintendo's customer support. When the connection is slow, the video cannot download as rapidly as necessary, which can result in a fuzzy or blurry picture. Make sure that you are using an appropriate Wi-Fi connection -- DSL, cable or fiber optic. Dial-up is too slow, and most cellular or satellite connections can provide poor quality as well.

Other Solutions

The Wii comes with a composite cable to transfer video signals to the TV. This type of cable provides a lower quality video feed than component or HDMI cables. Purchasing a Wii-compatible component cable can significant improve the brightness and quality of streaming Netflix videos, according to Eric Taub of "The New York Times." In addition, you can always adjust your actual TV settings to compensate for issues in the video. Note, however, that some videos may have just been poorly filmed.