How to Create Sales Receipts on My Mac

By Nicole Vulcan

Updated September 28, 2017

Create basic receipts for your customers with your Mac's iWork software.
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If you use a Mac for your small business, then you have several handy tools that can help you create receipts or invoices, generate expense reports and do a number of other essential tasks. By using the iWork software that is available on most Mac computers, creating a basic receipt takes just a few minutes. You can also save the receipt as a template for use with later receipts.

Open the "Pages" software from Dock. If Pages is not in your Dock, navigate to the Finder at the top right of your screen and type "Pages" into the Search box, then click "Pages" from the search results to open the program.

Click on "Forms" under "Word Processing" from the left-hand menu of the Pages Template Chooser. Scroll through the available invoices and click on one that you'd like to use. Click "Choose" to open the template for that invoice. The most basic selection is "Invoice."

Click on the words "Invoice" on the form so that a box appears around it. Click on the word "Invoice," then delete it and type in the word "Receipt."

Enter in the company name, the receiver of the receipt, the date and the other pertinent information about you and the receive at the top of the form. The theme provides a template for you to work from, but you can change any of the information provided in the template.

Click on the dummy logo that appears near the top of the page. If you have your own logo, drag it into the box; if not, delete the dummy logo.

Type in the description, quantity and price for the items you have sold in the appropriate boxes on the form. Be sure to delete any of the information that you don't need that came with the template.

Click on the box that reads "Total" near the bottom of the form with the description, quantity and price of the items sold. Click the "Return" button; another line appear below the "Total" line. Type in "Amount Received" there, to indicate that the person has already paid his bill.

Click "File," then "Print" or "Save As" to either print or save the receipt.


If you're going to be issuing a lot of receipts, turn the first receipt you make into a template. Follow the instructions above, but leave out the description, price and quantity details for an individual sale. Click "File" at the top of the screen, then select "Save as Template."