Why Won't My Panasonic Plasma TV Turn On?

By Tyson Cliffton

Updated September 28, 2017

Try resolving your Panasonoc plasma TV's power problems before seeking help.
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Panasonic plasma TVs come in a variety of sizes and feature a wide variety of inputs that make it possible for you to connect external devices to the TV. If your Panasonic plasma TV won't turn on, it's important to identify the problem to see whether you can resolve it on your own or if you need to consult a professional repair person.

Remote Control

If you are trying to turn the TV on using the remote control and the TV is not turning on, check the batteries in the remote to make sure they have not been jarred loose and aren't making a connection. If the batteries are making a connection, check to ensure there are no objects between the remote control and the TV that could be blocking the signal. If the TV still won't turn on, replace the batteries in the remote.

Power Cable

Make sure the power cable extending from lower half of the back side of the Panasonic plasma TV is connected to an AC outlet. If the power cable appears to be connected, make sure it is pushed all the way that that there is a firm connection. If the power cable is connected and the TV still won't turn on, disconnect the TV's power cable and connect another device that you know works to that AC outlet to see if there is a problem with the outlet. If the outlet is still not working, turn off the circuit breaker associated with the outlet and then turn it back on. Test the outlet again.

Shutdown Mode

The TV will go into Shutdown mode in the event of a power failure in an effort to protect the TV's internal components. You can identify that this has happened if the power light is blinking. Disconnect the power cable and wait for at least three minutes. Reconnect the power cable and try turning the TV back on.

External Connections

The TV may be turning on but you may still see a black screen if connectors associated with an external device are loose, or if you have connected a video camera to the TV and the lens cap is still on while input associated with the device is set to display.