How to Auto-Join a TS3 Channel

by T.M. WitUpdated September 22, 2017

The term TS3 stands for the program Teamspeak 3. It is communication software commonly used by gamers. Teamspeak 3 allows you to connect to a server and chant with your teammates using a microphone. Its servers commonly have multiple channels on one server. By using the Bookmarks menu, you can set a channel as your default channel anytime you enter a server.

Open Teamspeak and login to the server that hosts your channel.

Select your channel from the list of available channels. Enter the password and join the channel.

Press “Ctrl” and “B” to open the bookmark menu.

Click the name of your channel and click “More.”

Scroll down to Default Channel and click “Make current channel your default channel.”

Disconnect and then reconnect to the Teamspeak 3 server. You will automatically be placed in your channel.


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