A Walkthrough for the TM Ice Beam on the Seafoam Islands in "Pokemon SoulSilver"

By Joshua Phillips

Updated September 22, 2017

Each Pokemon in "Pokemon SoulSilver," released for the Nintendo DS in 2010, learns a variety of moves as it gains levels. Additionally, you can teach Pokemon moves they wouldn't otherwise learn by using a technical machine called a TM in-game. TM #13, Ice Beam, teaches a Water- or Ice-Type Pokemon how to shoot a powerful beam of ice at its opponent. Ice Beam has a 100 percent accuracy rating and is one of the most powerful Ice-type moves in the game. In "Pokemon SoulSilver," this item can be found at the Seafoam Islands in Kanto.

Travel to the Seafoam Islands, located east of Cinnabar City on Route 20 in the Kanto region. Enter the cave located in the center of Route 20 to enter the Seafoam Islands.

Walk down the stairs in the upper left corner of the first floor to enter floor B1.

Push the boulders out of the way using a Pokemon that knows the move Strength. Take the path on the ledge to your left. Stand on the ladder at the end of the path to enter floor B2.

Slide north on the first patch of ice to the left.

Slide to the right on the second patch of ice.

Slide south into the trainer on the third set of ice. Your character stops as he collides with the trainer. Slide to the right to reach the ladder leading to floor B3. Stand on this ladder to enter the next floor.

Walk a few steps south to reach a ladder leading to floor B4. Stand on this ladder to be taken to the next floor.

Follow the short path to the north to reach a Pokeball.

Press "A" while standing next to the Pokeball to receive TM #13, Ice Beam.


These steps also apply to "Pokemon HeartGold."

Ice Beam can also be bought at the Goldenrod Game Corner for 10,000 coins.


Ice Beam can only be taught to one Pokemon before it disappears from your inventory. If you wish to teach Ice Beam to multiple Pokemon, you must buy more from the Game Corner.