How to Beat Planet F on "Hooda Math"

By Michael E Carpenter

Updated September 22, 2017

"Planet F" is a free online logic game on the website Hooda Math. To play you select from eight different icons at the bottom of the screen to create a planet. The order in which the icons are selected determines how much your planet has grown. To achieve 100 percent growth, which is required to beat the game, you must select the icons in the correct order.

Select the Exploration icon, which is the telescope icon. A UFO will appear on the screen and deposit water onto the surface of your planet.

Choose the Agricultural icon, which is the picture of an ear of corn. Trees will appear on the planet and the rest of your planet will be covered in green and brown.

Select the Construction icon, which is a picture of a hammer and wrench. Buildings will spring up along with more trees and fields onto the surface of the planet.

Choose the Communications icon, which is a red button with a picture of a tower and lines extending out from it. Satellite dishes will appear along with houses and radio towers.

Click on the Transportation icon, which is a picture of an airplane. Roads will be added to your planet.

Select the Technology icon which is the light bulb next. A rocket will launch off the surface of the planet and deposit a satellite into the space around the planet. A race track will also appear on the surface.

Click on the Ecology icon, which is the picture of the green and blue arrows. All the trees will grow apples, a volcano will appear out of the water with a ship that sails around it and many more buildings will be added around the planet.

Select the Biology icon which is the green icon with the plant located inside. A rocket will launch, the moon will rise and a UFO will appear on the screen. After the completion of the animation the game will inform display, "You Planet Grew: 100%."