A Step-By-Step on Unlimited Skill Points for " NBA 2K11" on the PS3

By Mike Huguenor

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • USB drive

  • Computer

  • NBA2K11 skill point generator (downloadable)

Follow these instructions and you'll be dunking on friends all day long.
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Video game developer 2K's recent "NBA2K11" has received glowing reviews from almost every major industry source, and the reasons why are pretty clear. Crisp graphics, extremely realistic sound, in-game analysis and deceptively simple controls -- it is undoubtedly the game that most basketball fans want to have. But while realism and balance are some of its selling points, every gamer wants to feel just plain unstoppable sometimes. That's where the unlimited skill point cheat comes in.

Connect your USB drive to your PS3.

Enter "My Player" mode of NBA2K11 and create a new player. Once you have done so, save the file to your drive by clicking "Save," and then selecting your USB drive from the list.

Connect your USB drive to your computer and save your player file to your desktop.

Visit http://www.nba11skillpoints.blogspot.com/ to find the free NBA2K11 skill point generator download link. Click the link and download to your desktop.

Open the skill point generator and run your save file by clicking "File," "Open" and then clicking the name of your save file.

Select your player's skill points and change it to the number you would like.

Save the file to your USB drive.

Connect the USB drive to the PS3.

Load the save file and apply those skill points!