How to Get Custom Paintings on "Minecraft"

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

One feature of the independently-developed computer game "Minecraft" is the ability to fully develop aspects of the game to provide a personal spin on your own copy. For example, you can insert your own custom paintings into the game to display on the walls of your in-game home. This process requires modifying the game's main system file, which requires WinRAR, 7-Zip or another file-extraction program that supports JAR files.

Press the "Start" key on your keyboard and type "Run" in the field. Press "Enter" when the search result appears, opening an instance of the Run program.

Type "%appdata%" into the field and press "Enter." This opens up your Application Data folder, listing numerous folders that are otherwise hidden by default.

Double-click ".minecraft," followed by "bin." Right-click "minecraft.jar" and select "Open With," followed by your preferred extractor. A list of the folders inside the JAR file will appear in your extraction program.

Double-click "art" to reveal the only file inside: kz.png. Drag this file to your desktop to extract it, and then double-click the file to open it in your preferred editing program, such as MS Paint. This opens a file with all of the different paintings available in the game.

Modify any of the pre-existing paintings in the file as desired. This can include painting over already existing pictures or pasting your custom-made painting on top of an old painting. Save the file when you are finished.

Click "Add" on your file extractor, which opens a dialog box for you to add new files to the archive. Double-click the file you modified on your desktop, and then click "OK." The archive will save, and you can display your custom painting just like a normal painting in "Minecraft."


The custom painting can appear randomly whenever you put one up on the wall, just like regular paintings.


Do not rename the file or place a new image in the purple squares. It will not have the desired effect.