How to Boost the Framerate of No$GBA

By Dennis Blake

Updated September 22, 2017

Play Nintendo DS games on your computer with No$GBA.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Gamers looking to play their favorite Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS games on the computer can use popular hardware emulators such as No$GBA. Though No$GBA runs well on most modern computers, some users might want to run DS games on older computers, cheap laptops or low-end netbooks and smartphones. However, the games might not run at an optimal speed. Fortunately, you can improve performance with some simple tweaks to the video and sound options.

Download and install "NO$Zoomer," the No$GBA addon that gives you additional settings including resizing and repositioning the two DS screens. NO$Zoomer also automatically improves performance compared to running No$GBA alone. You can obtain NO$Zoomer from

Open the "Options" menu and select "NO$GBA settings."

Select "Unlimited Mhz Disaster, 10%" under "Emulation Speed."

Choose "Digital Mono" and "Low (10kHz)" from the "Sound Output Mode" and "Sound Desired Sample Rate" menus, respectively.

Pick "nocash" from the list of choices under "3D Renderer" and "15bit Color" from the "Video Output" menu.