How to Change Saturation & Brightness in Illustrator

by Christina HadleyUpdated September 28, 2017

Adobe Illustrator has a color-editing feature that enables you to alter an object's color saturation, vividness or brightness. Color adjustments to an object's saturation impacts the object's color intensity, and causes it to appear more vibrant or subdued and brighter, or less intense. Increasing an object's saturation values can create a high-tech-looking color, while lowering saturation values often produce colors that have an earthy feel. Increase a color's saturation to achieve a brighter, richer color, or decrease saturation to lessen a color's vibrancy and brightness.

Choose the "Selection" tool and select the objects in need of a saturation adjustment.

Select "Edit" and "Edit Colors," then choose "Saturate."

Specify a saturation value percentage between minus 100 and 100 percent. Entering a value of 100 percent, for example, fully saturates a color.


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