How Do You Solve Giratina's Puzzle in the "Pokemon Platinum" Edition Game?

By Candice Coleman

Updated September 22, 2017

In "Pokemon Platinum," a double battle against the trainers Mars and Jupiter leads to the chaotic emergence of Giratina from Distortion World. Once the player enters the vortex to Distortion World, he will find himself in a blue and red terrain with platforms scattered along walls and ceilings. Cynthia will guide you through some of the maze. Near the end of Giratina's Puzzle, you will face the trainer Cyrus. Players can also capture Giratina.

Follow Cynthia after you enter the vortex. Jump onto platforms to follow her, and step on any raised or sunken platforms you see to cause a reaction. Mesprit appears. Continue moving to the left of the screen after Mesprit.

Move to the broken elevator and walk onto the sunken patch on the middle of its platform to make it work. Walk onto the top patch of the next platform and then the left-most patch on the third platform. You will fly onto the wall.

Move right and then down when a new path appears. Go left when the next path appears. You will arrive at moving platforms. Step on the patches at the top of the first two platforms. Move right until you step on a platform bearing rocks. Step on the central patch of this platform. Continue to move downward until you encounter another platform. Cyrus will meet you there.

Touch the sunken patch behind you, to the right of that spot and then up from that spot immediately after seeing Cyrus. A platform appears. Step on that platform and head downward until you find a platform bearing five rocks. Step on the sunken patch to get the platform moving. Head to the platforms on the left side of the screen. Move until you spot the Uxie.

Leap onto the next ledge bearing a boulder. Use "Strength" to push it to the next level. Move to that level and travel to the elevator. From the elevator, move left to see Mesprit again. Return to the elevator and move up to the next level. Go left and jump onto the first platform. Stay along the edges of the platform.

Jump onto the elevator covered in four rocks. You will be able to see Cyrus on the right side of the screen. After the elevator stops moving, move down and right to access the next elevator, which is also covered in four rocks. The elevator will transport you to Cyrus' general location.

Move forward until Giratina moves past you. Jump onto the platform on the wall and continue to move forward. Cross the waterfall. You will see the boulder you pushed in Step 5. Use "Strength" to push it into the gap it rested in before. Proceed left and get onto the elevator to go to the next level.

Head forward until you find the boulder again. Uxie rests beside the boulder's intended hole. Push the boulder into that hole. Move left until you see Mesprit. Push the boulder into the hole beside Mesprit. Move to the right section of the screen and repeat this process for the Pokemon Azelf. Move downward until you encounter Cynthia. Talk to her and take the elevator to Cyrus. Defeat Cyrus in battle. Move north after the battle to potentially capture Giratina.