How to Check if You Returned a Redbox DVD

By Matt Skaggs

Updated September 22, 2017

Reserve movies on the Redbox website indicating your preferred kiosk so you get the movie you want.
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In your Account section at the Redbox website, you can view the dates of both your movie rentals and returns, but if that information is unavailable, you can check your returns by contacting Redbox directly. For future transactions, request an email receipt at Redbox kiosks so you always have an electronic record of your returns.

Account Transactions

After logging into the Redbox site, click “Account” and then “Account Summary.” In the Transactions tab, your rentals are listed, and you can view when you returned a movie in the “Date Returned” column, though returns within the last 48 hours may not display. If you do not have an account at the Redbox website, you can instead use the “Contact Us” button at the Redbox Help Center, where you can call, email or chat with a Redbox representative to inquire about your returns.

Email Receipts

While Redbox kiosks do not print receipts, email receipts are available. When you initially check out a DVD at a kiosk, you are asked to optionally enter your email address so that Redbox sends you a confirmation email for your rental and for the return of your movie.