How to Activate Privileges in "NBA Jam"

By Dennis Blake

Updated September 22, 2017

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Released in 2010 for the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Playstation 3, "NBA Jam" is a remake of the classic arcade-style basketball game originally developed for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis consoles. The new version contains a wide variety of new content, from an updated player roster to special challenges and alternate game modes. One of the new features is the "privilege" system, which allows the player to activate certain advantages to give them a leg up in a match. Though some privileges are available from the beginning, most of the more desirable privileges are unlocked through playing the game.

Activating Privileges

Begin a new game by selecting "Classic" or "Remix" mode from the main menu.

Select your team from the list provided.

Choose the privileges you want to activate by pressing left or right on your controller.

Unlock New Privileges

Play the "Classic Campaign" using a team from the Eastern Conference. Upon completing this mode, you will unlock the powerful "Unlimited Turbo" privilege, allowing you to activate Turbo mode for as long as you want during a game.

Complete "Classic Campaign" again, this time with a team from the Western Conference. You will unlock the "1-Shot Fire" privilege, which allows you to gain the "On Fire" bonus with only one successful shot, instead of the normal three consecutive goals.

Defeat the "Remix Tour" to unlock the "Power UPS" privilege. With this enabled, you can access power-ups from "Remix" mode while playing a normal match.


You can access more privileges, players and other bonus content by completing various challenges in the game. Refer to an unlockables list for more information.