How to Insert Your Own Paintings in "Minecraft"

By Tim Raud

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • File extracting program

  • Image editing program

"Minecraft" is an online game where players can gather resources to use for creating buildings and other structures. One of the items players can make is a painting, which will give you something to decorate your home or base with. There are a set number of pictures in the game, one of which will be randomly used in the frame when you place a painting down. To add value and uniqueness to your painting, you can insert your own painting into the game.

Click the "Start" button and do a search for a file named "%appdata%" without the quotations. A folder named "Roaming" should pop up, open it and find the "Minecraft.jar" file inside.

Right-click "minecraft.jar" and select "7zip," or another extracting program you have installed, and choose "open archive." This will allow you to view all the "Minecraft" texture folders.

Find the folder named "art" open it. Select the file named "Kz.png" and right-click it, select "extract" to take it out of the archive.

Open the "Kz.png" file with an image editing program. You will now see all the default "Minecraft" paintings placed on a grid.

Edit the paintings or insert new image files to override the already existing images, by clicking "File" and select "Import." You must make sure that the new images completely overlap the already existing image, so resize any new images if necessary.

Once complete, save and close "Kz.png." Replace the old "art" folder in the "minecraft.jar" archive with a new "art" folder that has your edited "Kz.png" image file inside. This will replace the old paintings with the new ones.

Load "Minecraft" to test out the inserted paintings.