How to Make Your Pokemon Level Up Fast in "Pokemon Blue"

By Jason Williams

Updated September 22, 2017

In "Pokemon Blue," one of the main objectives of the game is to gather a team of powerful Pokemon and defeat the strongest trainers in the world. You can level up your Pokemon in two different ways: gaining experience points by defeating other Pokemon or by using items called Rare Candies. Gaining experience usually takes a great deal of time, especially at higher levels. However, there are ways to make your Pokemon level up more quickly.

Natural Methods

Fight strong opponents to gain experience and make your Pokemon level up the normal way. The stronger the opponents are, the more experience you obtain from victory. Enter the Unknown Dungeon to the north of Cerulean City after defeating the Elite Four to find the strongest wild Pokemon in the game. Fight the Elite Four repeatedly to gain more experience.

Go to the guardhouse to the east of Fuchsia City and speak to Professor Oak's aide. If you have obtained at least 50 Pokemon in your Pokedex, he will give you the EXP All item. Keep the item in your inventory to evenly spread the experience that you gain from battles throughout your party, even to Pokemon that do not fight in them.

Send out a low-level Pokemon into a battle against a much stronger one. Switch to a stronger Pokemon immediately after the battle begins, and have it defeat the enemy. The first Pokemon will gain half of the experience that you earn from the battle. This technique allows weak Pokemon to get stronger quickly.

Obtain Pokemon by trading with other players. Traded Pokemon gain 50 percent more experience points than Pokemon that you personally captured. Make sure that you possess a strong enough badge to control the traded Pokemon or they will not obey you. For Pokemon that are up to levels 30, 50 and 70, you will need the Cascade Badge, Rainbow Badge and Marsh Badge, respectively. The Earth Badge allows you to control Pokemon that are at any level.

Feed a Rare Candy to a Pokemon to immediately increase its level by one.


Fight wild Chansey; they give out a great deal of experience points when defeated and are minimal threats to Pokemon with physical attacks, which are any attacks that belong to the Normal, Fighting, Rock, Ground, Flying, Poison and Bug categories. Enter the following Gameshark code to make Chansey appear anywhere at the same level that native Pokemon would be: 0128D8CF. Go to locations with high-level Pokemon to find stronger Chansey that give out more experience.

Enter the following Game Genie code to make Rare Candy appear for sale at the Viridian City Pokemart: 284-44D-F7A.

Exploit the Missingno glitch to make as many duplicates of Rare Candies as you would like. Put at least one Rare Candy in the sixth slot of your inventory. Speak to the old man in Viridian City and watch him catch a Pokemon. Fly to Fuchsia City and Surf across the ocean to Seafoam Islands. Surf along the coastline until you encounter Missingno. At this point, the sixth item in your inventory will be increased by 128 units. Repeat the process to get more Rare Candies.


The Missingno glitch can corrupt your save data and force a restart of your game. It may also irreparably damage a cartridge and render it unplayable, although this is very rare. Hall of Fame data will also be corrupted, although this is normally a harmless effect. Do not catch Missingno and only use the glitch if necessary to reduce the risk of data corruption.