How to Edit a Skin for GMod

By Tim Raud

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Graphic Editor

  • GCFScape

"GMod," or Garry's Mod, is a creation game that utilizes the Valve physics engine as well as items from the "Half Life 2" universe. Players can create and customize game objects to fulfill their own creative desires. In game, the player is represented by an avatar or character model. Editing the skin of this model will allow the player to create his own unique character.

Load "GCFScape," click "File" and select "Load" to immediately go to your "GMod" installation directory. Double-click the file "materials.gcf" to open it in "GCFScape."

Once the "materials.gcf" file is open, browse through the file directory to find model materials, such as male, female or different race models. Select a model type you would like to edit.

Right-click the skin file and select "Extract" to place the file into a different location outside the "materials.gcf" file. Load the skin file with your photo editing program.

Apply alterations to the skin using the coloring tools and shading options available to you. Apply the cutting tool to remove clothing options and replace with your own style, if you so desire.

Save the skin file and close the editor. In "GCFScape," drag the new skin file into the same directory you got it from. Accept the prompt to replace the original file.

Close "GCFScape" and load "GMod" to test your new skin.