How to Make Your Own "SingStar" Songs

By Eric Benac

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer with DVD burner

  • DVD-burning program

  • Karaoke song discs

"SingStar" is a game for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 game that lets you sing Karaoke with a wide selection of songs. Putting your own songs on the disc requires burning a copy of the game using a DVD burning method. You cannot burn a copy of the PlayStation 3 game as these games are Blue-ray and not DVD. Many PlayStation 2 consoles won't play burned discs, so play this on a PlayStation 2 emulator if it doesn't work on yours. Only burn a copy of your game for your own personal use. Never give burned game discs to friends as this is illegal.

Place your original "SingStar" disc into the DVD drive of your computer. Click on your "Start" menu on the bottom-left and scroll up to find your DVD burning software. Select the icon.

Select the "Mode" option from the Main Menu. Select "ISO" and "Read." Hit the "Decrypt" button. Wait for the program to decrypt your game and save it to your hard drive. Remove the disc and insert a burnable blank DVD.

Insert your karaoke song discs into your disc drive and open your DVD burning program. Select "Mode" from the main menu and select "Audio."

Select "Rip" to download the music to your computer. Save them as "MP3" by selecting that option from the Rip menu.

Select your "Start" menu. Go to "My Computer." Find the "SingStar" folder and open it. Find the "Songs" folder and open it. Leave this window open for now

Open your "Start" menu and navigate to your "My Music" folder. Find your karaoke music folder and open it. Select the songs you want to add to "SingStar" and drag these to the open "Songs" folder.

Start your DVD burning software and select the "Mode" option from the main menu. Choose "ISO" and "Write." Select the "Browse" button to open your computer browsing option. Navigate to your "SingStar" folder in the "My Computer" folder.

Click the "Write" button after selecting the "SingStar" folder. Wait for it to write and insert it into your PlayStation 2. Wait to see if it reads the disc. Play the game on an emulator on your computer if your PlayStation 2 console cannot play the disc.


Only play emulated games if you own the actual physical copy of the game. It is illegal to perform this activity otherwise.