How to Install a MAME ROM on a PS3

By Joshua Laud

Updated September 22, 2017

The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator -- or MAME -- is an arcade engine emulator that can run many different types of MAME ROMs. MAME is a Microsoft Windows application, but it has been unofficially ported to Linux. With an early firmware version of the Sony PlayStation 3, you can run custom Linux operating systems. Therefore, if you are running Linux on your PS3, you can download the GMAMEUI -- the MAME port for Linux -- and install your MAME ROM.

Go to the GMAMEUI SourceForge download page in the Linux Web browser, and download the package. When asked for a download location, specify your root user folder.

Open the Terminal in your Linux distribution, on your PS3.

Type "tar xzvf GMAMEUI.tar.gz" ensuring you replace "GMAMEUI" with the file name. Press "Enter," then change directory to that folder.

Type "./configure" and press "Enter." Then type "make" and press "Enter." Type "make install" and press "Enter." Close the Terminal, and open the GMAMEUI application from your Applications menu.

Click "File," then "Add." Locate and select your MAME ROM, to play the game.