How to Mod Saves on PS3

By Matt Gerrard

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Removable USB flash drive, at least 512 Mb

  • Save game editor, appropriate to the specific game.

On the PlayStation 3, some cheat codes and hidden game features require a modified save game in order to function. Instead of entering a code or a sequence of button presses, it is necessary to make a copy of your saved game on a removable drive, then move it to a computer, where a piece of software can be used to apply the modifications. A specific save editor is required for each game, so you'll need to make sure you have the correct editor.

Power off the PlayStation and connect the USB flash drive to one of the USB ports on the front of the console.

Power on the PlayStation 3 and select your user name from the list of profiles after the splash screen. Allow the system to retrieve your profile data and load the main menu screen.

Scroll left to the "Game" menu and then up to "Saved Data Utility." Press "X" to select it. A list of your saved game data files will appear.

Scroll to the saved game file that you wish to copy. A game often creates several different saved data files for preferences, customized avatars and so on. You need to look for the file with the subtitle "Saved Game" or "Game Progress."

Press the "Triangle" button on the controller to open the contextual menu. Select "Copy" from the side menu. A sub menu will appear with a list of destinations. Select the USB stick.

Shut down the PlayStation 3 and connect the USB stick to your PC. View its contents using a file browser such as Windows Explorer or OS X Finder. Locate the save file; it should have the same file name as on the PlayStation.

Launch the save modding application and drag and drop the save file from the USB stick onto it. Depending on the save modding application, there will probably be a list of check-boxes containing various modes, such as "Infinite Health" or "No Clipping Mode." Select the modes you would like to activate, then hit the "Save" or "Compile" button on the modding application.

Reconnect the USB stick to the PlayStation and select it from the XMB screen. Highlight the modified save file and press the triangle button to open the contextual menu. Copy the file back to your PlayStation.


There are modding applications available for many different games. Borderlands, Final Fantasy and the Call of Duty series are some popular examples. Make sure you get the appropriate modding application for the game you wish to play.