How to Make a Map on "Farming Simulator"

By Kirk Bennet

Updated September 15, 2017

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"Farming Simulator" is a video game that simulates an agricultural environment. The player builds his farm on different maps and makes use of complex agricultural machinery to collect agricultural products in time. The virtual world features realistic landscapes and is full of animals and farm equipment. You can create your own maps to play on using the GIANTS Editor.

Double-click the GIANTS Editor executable to start the program. Go to "File" and select "Open" to open an existing map. Maps have an "i3D" extension. This map will be the basis for your new map. Select a map and click "OK" to load it.

Preview the map. It will contain the objects that came with the terrain. Go to "Window" and select "Terrain Editing" to start editing the terrain. Pick terrains from the drop-down box and apply them to your map. You can overwrite the existing terrains by choosing "Replace" in the "LMB" box. If you want to add elevation to your map, click the "Terrain Sculpt Mode" button at the top of the window. Shape the map and replace the old terrain.

Delete the objects you don't need from the left pane by clicking them and pressing the "Delete" key. Add your own objects by clicking the small, house-like icon. Pick an object from the list and click where you want to place it on the map. You can change the position of existing objects by clicking and dragging them. Whenever you add a new object, you must enter its position on the X, Y and Z coordinates in the "Position" box. Optionally, you can use the "Scale" and "Angle" boxes to change the scale and angle of both old and new objects. Add as many objects as you like.

Go to "File" and select "Save As..." to save the map. The "i3D" extension must remain selected in the "Save As Type" box. Give your new map a name and save it to the "/maps" folder in your game folder.

Open "Farming Simulator" and create a new game. Pick the new map and play test it to see if it meets your expectations.