Why Do My Hulu Videos Freeze?

by Collier JacksonUpdated September 28, 2017
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When your favorite TV shows starts freezing when watching Hulu, it is hard to not get frustrated. To ensure your videos stream smoothly and without issue, follow some basic troubleshooting steps on your computer. Beyond troubleshooting, there are some additional options to try to get the best Hulu experience possible. Depending on your setup, one or more of these options may work for you.

Pre-Loading Videos

If your video stutters and pauses to load every couple of seconds, try pausing the video to allow more of it to download. This is particularly useful if you have a slow internet connection. Unfortunately, this takes some planning when you decide you want to watch a show.

Download Route

You can reconnect to Hulu's servers by clicking the "gear" icon in the lower-right corner, choosing "More Info" and clicking "Reconnect." This will refresh your connection to Hulu and attempt to download the video through a different route.

Wired Connection

Some wireless connections are not strong enough to transmit the video data to your computer. Try watching Hulu while using a wired connection to your modem to see if you can improve Hulu's video quality.

Bandwidth Use

You have a limited amount of bandwidth provided by your ISP. If you are running programs on your computer that use your bandwidth at the same time you are trying to watch Hulu, you may not have enough bandwidth to stream the Hulu video. Close these extra programs to dedicate more bandwidth to Hulu.

Screen Resolution

If Hulu freezes only when watching in full-screen mode, lower your monitor's screen resolution. This will reduce the amount of data Hulu must stream to your computer and increase the chances you will be able to watch the video without interruption.


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