How to Get Revan's Mask in "KOTOR"

By Peter Forsythe

Updated September 22, 2017

In the expansive 2003 action-RPG "Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic" players create their own character and must decide whether to align with the forces of good, or with the dark side. This process is helped along by an intensive customization process, through which you can outfit your character with various weapons accessories, even the gear of Darth Revan, the game's most powerful dark jedi master.

Select the "LucasArtsSWKotOR" game file from the "Program Files" folder on your PC. Copy the file to make a backup.

Open the original game file, then open the "swkotor.ini" file within.

Scroll down the file to where it says "GAME OPTIONS." Right below it type "EnableCheats=1" and save the file.

Start the game, then press the "~" key to bring up your console window.

Type "g_a_mstrrobe0". You will new be outfitted just like Revan, including both mask and robes.