How to Play "Farm Town" on an Android

By Erin McManaway

Updated September 28, 2017

“Farm Town” is a free Facebook application game that allows you to create your own digital farm and interact with other “Farm Town” players. You can play this game through your Android’s browser by logging into your Facebook account. Tap the Android touchscreen to play the game and interact with items on your farm, such as your crops and animals.

Open your Android’s Internet browser and go to the Facebook website.

Log in to your Facebook account if you are not already logged in.

Tap “Farm Town” from the list of Facebook games on your Facebook profile. You can also search for “Farm Town” using the Facebook search function. “Farm Town” recognizes your Facebook account automatically.

Tap tools such as “Harvest” and “Plow” from the menu, then tap on your crops to interact with them. You can also tap the “Store,” “Storage” and “Gifts” from the menu to interact with these features.

Plant new seeds by purchasing them from the “Store.” Each type of plant has an amount of time required before the it is fully grown. You can find this listed in the seed’s description.

Return to “Farm Town” once the amount of time has passed. You can now use the “Harvest” tools to harvest your plants, which earn you money to purchase more seeds and continue to play.


Bookmark the Facebook application so that you can return to “Farm Town” and play the game at any time.