How to Get the Persistent Achievement on "NBA Jam"

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

A remake of the original 1993 Super Nintendo game, the 2010 game "NBA Jam" features challenges you can complete that unlock additional features while you play the game. For example, you can unlock happy faces to use instead of the regular players' heads by completing the "Persistent" challenge. This challenge requires performing 10 putbacks; a putback occurs when you immediately grab the ball after a failed attempt at scoring and dunk it into the basket.

Start a new game of "NBA Jam" as normal. Pick a team where your partner has a 3-pointer rating of 7 or higher.

Pass the ball to your partner and wait near your basket for him to shoot the ball. If your partner has a high 3-pointer rating, he is more likely to try to shoot outside of the line, which means he is more likely to fail.

Hold "Square" on the PlayStation 3, "A" on the Wii or "X" on the Xbox 360 the moment the ball fails to go in the basket. If this is timed properly, your player will jump to catch the ball in midair and sink it into the basket for a putback dunk.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 nine more times to complete the challenge.


This is a cumulative achievement, so you need not do it in a single game.


This is a tricky move to perform, and it can take many tries to get right.