How to Resize Mugen Characters

By John Ruiz

Updated September 22, 2017

Different developers and artists create thousands of Mugen characters for your Mugen roster. if you download several of these characters, you may notice that some of your characters are bigger or smaller compared to others, and that can make your game unbalanced. Larger characters are more difficult to jump over, and smaller characters are tricky to hit. Change the size of your Mugen characters by making minor edits to their corresponding CNS, or "Constants and States," files.

Exit your Mugen game and go to the folder where your Mugen executable file resides. Double-click the "Chars" folder from there. Open the folder that corresponds to the character you wish to edit.

Launch Notepad from the Start menu. Locate the file with the ".cns" extension within your Mugen character's folder. Make sure the file name of that CNS file is the same as your folder name. For instance if you are editing the character named Sonic, you must edit the "sonic.cns" file. Drag that file to your Notepad window.

Click "Edit" from the Notepad menu bar and go to "Find." Type "xscale" (without quotation marks) and click the "Find Next" button.

Change the number next to the "xscale" field to a higher or lower number. Higher numbers will increase the character's width, and lower numbers will decrease it. Change the number associated with the "yscale" field just below so you can adjust the height of the character.

Click "File" and select "Save" to save your Mugen character size adjustments.


You may use decimal values if you wish to make minor changes to the "xscale" and "yscale" values.

Keep the "xscale" and "yscale" values equal when changing the size of your character to avoid stretching.

Set both the "xscale" and "yscale" values to 1 to bring your Mugen character back to default size.