How to Evolve Baby Lugia in "Pokemon Ruby Destiny"

By Richard Kalinowski

Updated September 22, 2017

Standard Pokemon characters appear in Ruby Destiny, but Baby Lugia is new.
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The video game “Pokemon Ruby Destiny” is a fan-made game that emulates other Pokemon classics, while also adding some new elements to game play. One of the new aspects of the game is the addition of new unique Pokemon breeds. “Baby Lugia” is encountered through an in-game encounter as part of the story line’s linear progression. This new type of Pokemon can evolve into a stronger adult version if you know how to make it happy enough.

Battle enemies until you are rewarded with “Rare Candy.” Lower-level Pokemon are less likely to drop this rare item after a battle. You may not come across “Rare Candy” until your Baby Lugia has already reached level 20 or 30.

Open your inventory after collecting three “Rare Candy” items. The item is used to automatically increase any Pokemon by one level. It also makes your Pokemon happy, and Baby Lugia evolves through happiness.

Use the candy on Baby Lugia. He may evolve into an adult Lugia after just two candies, but it may take as many as three. When your Baby Lugia evolves, an onscreen animation appears. The adult version is stronger and has access to different abilities.


Baby Lugia evolves from happiness. It is possible for him to evolve naturally during the storyline without candies, but feeding him “Rare Candy” makes him happy in a matter of seconds.