How to Beat the Finale in the Game "Guilty Party"

By Kevin Bramer

Updated September 22, 2017

The final level for "Disney Guilty Party" features a wide range of suspects for the identity of the mysterious Mr. Valentine. Once you go through all of the evidence in this level and chat with the suspects, you'll have enough information to accuse someone. To prove the truth of your accusation you'll have to provide an alibi for all of the other suspects first. Once all of the other suspects have been cleared, you'll be left with only one possible person who has been pretending to be Mr. Valentine for the duration of the game.

Play through the last level until you are ready to accuse Olivia Dickens. Olivia will accuse the Chef, so look through the evidence and select "... a long yellow hair, stuck..." to eliminate the Chef and all other suspects with short hair. Olivia will then accuse the Rocker.

Go through the evidence for the Rocker and scroll to the second page of options. Select " a busy public restroom..." to prove his innocence and the innocence of all remaining male suspects. Olivia will then accuse the Judge.

Select "...of those gold gifts, but I..." from the available evidence to prove the Judge's innocence. Olivia will then accuse the Nurse, the last available suspect.

Scroll to the second page of evidence and select "...has exactly three traits in common..." This will eliminate the Nurse as a suspect, leaving only Olivia. Watch the final cinema scene to finish the game.