How to Apply New Rosters in "NCAA Basketball 10"

By Alex Tannin

Updated September 22, 2017

“NCAA Basketball 10” is a video game for the Xbox 360 that takes place in the world of college basketball. Published by EA Sports, the game was released in late 2009. “NCAA Basketball 10” allows players to take control of 325 different teams from NCAA Division I including such names as Duke, UCLA and North Carolina State. Due to rules on amateur sports, “NCAA Basketball 10” does not contain accurate names for the players on various teams. However, gamers can download and apply a roster update giving them the correct, current names for each player in the game.

Select “Xbox Live” on the “NCAA Basketball 10” main menu.

Click “My NCAA Online,” select “EA Locker.”

Click “Media Center.” Search for the file “OS COACHES NAMES FULL VER 2.” If you know of any other roster updates, you can search for those as well. Click “OK” to download the roster update and apply it to your game.