How to Equalize a Track in GarageBand

By Chris Anzalone

Updated September 22, 2017

Equalization is critically important in audio production. An equalizer serves to adjust audio frequencies in order to achieve the cleanest sound possible. Apple's GarageBand recording software contains a built-in visual equalizer that you can use to edit your overall mix or even individual tracks (layers). Always wait until after you finish recording and mixing before you equalize, because whenever you adjust your mix, audio frequencies will change.

Open GarageBand and click the title of the track that you wish to equalize in the left column. Beneath the track title, click the "Solo" button, which looks likes a pair of headphones; this will mute the other tracks so that you can focus entirely on the track that you wish to edit.

Open your "Track Info" pane. It may already be open, depending on your configuration, but if you do not see "Track Info" in the right column, open it by clicking the "i" symbol along the bottom of your project window.

Click the "Edit" tab in the upper right corner of the "Track Info" pane; you will see a list of effects options. Click the option that reads "Visual EQ."

Click the "Play" button at the bottom of your screen to hear what your track currently sounds like. Determine how you wish to adjust the frequencies. For example, ascertain whether the recording has too much low-end (bass) or whether it sounds thin (an indication that more bass is needed).

Adjust the grid on your Visual EQ. At the top of the grid, you will see the words "Bass," "Low Mid," "High Mid" and "Treble"; these are low-to-high frequencies. If you want to add more bass, click the grid line beneath the "Bass" section and drag it upward with the mouse. If you wish to make your mix sound brighter, drag the grid line above the "High Mid" or "Treble" section. Experiment with different adjustments until the track sounds just right.

Apply a manual EQ setting. If you do not feel as though you have the knowledge to properly adjust the equalizer settings yourself, you can use GarageBand presets. Click the drop-down menu that appears directly above the Visual EQ; you will see a list of EQ suggestions, such as "Rock" and "Pop." Select a preset and click "Play" to hear the difference. Continue selecting presets or adjusting your EQ until you find a setting that works for you.