How Do You Unlock Hagrid to Play in "Lego Harry Potter"?

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

Looks like you're a wizard, Harry! Ol' Hagrid would tell you that himself, but he managed to get himself locked away in both "Lego Harry Potter" games. To unlock Hagrid's pieces in "Years 1-4" and "Years 5-7," you must find his hidden character tokens. You'll find a total of three Hagrid character tokens during Years 1 and 6.

Hagrid in Years 1-4

Enter the Forbidden Forest during Year 1. This is only actually forbidden until you've finished the fourth level, the Restricted Section.

Progress through the forest until you approach the fourth area. Along your journey, you'll climb up a ladder, enter a hole and face a few hostile hornet's nests before coming across a locked chest.

Open the chest next to the large, purple brick and pumpkin bricks. Inside is Hagrid's character token, making him available for play in any level.

Hagrid in Years 5-7

Progress through the game until near the end of Year 6. There are two Hagrid character tokens available, but both of them hide in the last two levels of the Half-Blood Prince years.

Head downhill when you regain control of Harry and Slughorn during Felix Felicis. You'll come across a wall and some rocks pinning down Hermione's bag; dark magic will handle the stones while you rescue the bag.

Use any destruction spell to eradicate the fruit taken from Hermione's bag; destroying this fruit rewards you with Hagrid's standard character token.

Complete the level and proceed to the next one, The Horcrux and the Hand. In this level, you'll be able to get a token for Hagrid's wedding outfit.

Locate the lever near Hagrid's hut when you gain control of Harry and Dumbledore. Pulling the lever by the box reveals Hagrid's second and final character token.


Hagrid can create potions while firing a crossbow at enemies and using his giant's strength to move things the students couldn't. He also uses an umbrella with Wingardium Leviosa, or the levitation spell.

Draco Malfoy and Fang's character tokens are also within the Forbidden Forest.

Tom Riddle is also located in the Horcrux and the Hand, while Professor Sprout can be found in Felix Felicis.


Hagrid is important to exiting the cave and obtaining everything inside, so don't miss him. For example, you can bring Fang to an island to dig up a hole; Hagrid can help you escape afterward.