How Do You Catch the Farfetch'd in Ilex Forest in the "Pokemon Crystal" Game?

by Philip SimUpdated September 22, 2017

In the Ilex Forest area of "Pokemon Crystal," you meet a man who has lost a Farfetch'd bird Pokemon belonging to his boss. He asks you to track down the Pokemon and bring it back to him. When you approach the Farfetch'd, it will run away through the maze-like forest, so you must approach it from the right angles to chase it back toward its owner.

Speak to the man near the entrance of Ilex Forest, to the east of Azalea Town in the Johto region. He will ask you to help catch a Farfetch'd Pokemon.

Go east from the man and around the corner to find the Farfetch'd standing in the middle of the road. Go up to it and press the "A" button; it will run away, heading north.

Follow the Farfetch'd and press "A" to chase it again; it will head east.

Follow the Farfetch'd, and this time, stand to its right before pressing the "A" button. It will run back in the direction from which you came.

Continue chasing the Farfetch'd and pressing "A" when you catch up with it to chase it right back to its owner.

Speak to the man and the other character who has joined him to get the Hidden Machine, HM01 Cut.


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