How to Build the Space Shuttle in "Civilization V"

by Seth AmeryUpdated September 22, 2017

Rather than dominating your intimidating neighbors or trying to fight your rebellious citizens for new social policies, you can beat "Civilization V" by achieving the Science Victory by building and launching spacecraft. Of course, this step has some prerequisites attached.

Researching Astronomy

The path to achieving a Science Victory is clear, unlike the numerous variables that affect Domination Victories or even Time Victories. It's a long road, though; you need to research nearly everything you can. The quickest way to achieve this is to double-click "Rocketry" when you select your first technology to pursue; the game automatically sets an optimal path based on the technology you need to know before moving on to the next tier. Since you'll be researching nearly everything, don't be surprised if other leaders pass you by out of the gate; they're taking more specialized paths that advance through the early eras quicker.

Getting the Pieces Together

Once you've finished researching Rocketry, you can start working on the Apollo Program, a special goal to work on in a city. When you complete the program, all other competitors get notified; they'll know just how close you are to achieving certain victory. With the Apollo Program in place, you'll need to build the components -- three SS Boosters, an SS engine, an SS cockpit and an SS Stasis Chamber -- and bring them to the capital to build and launch a spacecraft to Alpha Centauri.


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